Thursday, August 13, 2009

How I know my kids are back...

10. all the food is gone

9. there are food wrappers and dishes everywhere

8. noise in the basement has increased from dehumidifier + air-conditioner to dehumidifier+air-conditioner+swearing+game cube+computer+laughing

7. everyone at my house is talking about sports again

6. my shopping list includes such essentials as popsicles and cheese strings

5. my wallet has less cash in it

4. the phone is ringing

3. there are no clean spoons

2. the front porch smells like shoes

1. there is pee on the toilet - between the lid and the tank & I didn't pee there!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Toddler Divas?

Can a baby be a diva? Do toddlers and pre-schoolers really care about fashion? I know lots of little girls go through stages where they want to wear dresses, etc but do they care about fashion designers? I have been reading this weeks gossip rags (People & US) and feel sick at what I'm reading. THen I made the mistake of watching Toddlers & Tiaras (no comment).

Tori Spelling (who I try to like, really I do) says that when her husband does "boy" things with their son, she goes into her closet with their daughter (just over 1 yr old) and they play with her shoes. WHAT? Apparently Stella is such a girly girl and loves shoes. Then I was reading about some Housewife from Somewhere and how her daughters are all little divas, into fashion, etc. Makes me sick. Blech. Take the girls outside and throw a ball around with them. Play with them in the living room, not the closet. Get them non-pink toys.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"The name of the song is 'This Lullaby'"

Title of this post is the first line of the book I'm reading right now...

Okay, what's up with "More to Love"? I have been indulging in some really bad reality tv this summer so thought i'd give it a try. OMG, the women can't seem to talk about anything other than their insecurities about their weight - I know,I know, this is all edited so maybe they DO talk about other things and it's simply edited out but whoa, get over it already ladies. Speaking of "ladies" it really bothers me that they call each other girls. Luke (more about him in a moment) talks of finding the perfect girl. That's creepy, dude. Girls are under 18. Also, I can't believe that some of the women contestants are a mere 22 and think they're ready to settle down - my attitude is if you're 22, have never been on a date before and are a nanny or work in retail - hmm...maybe you should get some more life experience before settling down with a guy you meet on tv. There are "girls" on the show who are "falling for" Luke already! Really?

Don't even get me started on the non-stop crying.

Okay, Luke. My husband calls him Bland or Blank. The guy is so boring. He doesn't seem to have any opinions or preferences or variety of expression. He says practically the same thing to every single contestant. AND then last night when one of them was being mean about the older ladies he voted the older ladies off and kept the nasty back-stabber. Trust me older women, you could do so much better than Blank.

"What kind of food do you like Luke?" "Oh, I like all types"...that is his outlook on life. It's great that he likes women who are voluptuous and curvy but just because the women are on the show doesn't mean that ultimately when they get to spend more than 5 minutes with him that they'll actually enjoy his company.

Off topic: Bernie (Burny) was working in the kitchen at the Spotted Dick today. The flat Diet Coke has been a problem for months but with this the experience is no longer enjoyable. Our time is done. There are better lunch spots.