Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm sorry, don't hate me!

Hilarity at about Kevin Jonas' honeymoon. I know, I know, we should give the guy some privacy. But this is funny:

"Honeymooners Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa were spotted in Mexico yesterday, and for a guy who lost his virginity just a few days ago, he doesn't seem too excited. I understand he saw things his dad warned him about. Things that only babies should come out of and you should never stare directly at "for 'tis the eye of Satan." But that's no reason to mope around and cry all day. Clearly it didn't bite you like Nick said it would at your Gummi Bear Sundae bachelor party."

Friday, December 18, 2009

House vs Home Improvement

So seriously, I'm sure someone other than me has noticed it but House is based on exactly the same framework as Home Improvement. Even their names make it obvious!

House, as you know, is a doctor who deals with patients and his staff and solves medical mysteries. When he has a problem he can't solve he goes and talks with his friend Dr Wilson and next thing you know he has an epiphany and he figures it all out.

Home Improvement - basically the same premise. The main character Tim Taylor works on a tv show and has a wife and kids. The kids squabble like House does with his staff. House banters with his wife the way House does with Cuddy. The kicker - when Tim needs to sort things out he goes to the yard and talks things over with his neighbour Wilson. Then he too has an epiphany and sorts everything out.

Coincidence? I think not....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank You Celine!

My mother and I have spent some quality time in our lives doing fun things - trips to Manitoulin Island, shopping for bargains, taking my boys for picnics,etc. But one thing that stands out is our time discussing the awful hair of Rene-Charles Angelil - aka Celine Dion's son. He's a cute kid, don't get me wrong, he looks like he'll be a handsome adult but yikes, his hair in the past was awful.

Confession: sometimes I think hair is kind of gross. Especially if it is so long that it tapers into a little point at the bottom - as if the person hasn't had a proper trim in forever. I also have an aversion to fingernails. They're fine if they're short but long ones - pointy, long, sharp ones - ick poo. And don't even get me started on toenails.

So what a relief to see this weekend while perusing some celebrity trash magazines that RCA has a lovely new haircut. One that makes him look less like a feral child and more like a regular boy. Not that being the only child of Celine and Rene Wet-lips Angelil can be a regular life.