Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So low maintenance...

I am the anti-Sally. I would rather scrape the pickles and onions off my Quarter Pounder with Cheese than have one specially made - I don't want to be a bother. Serve me a warm beer and I'll probably drink it, give me a hotel room with a toilet that doesn't flush properly and I'll take the lid off and pull the chain. It's not that I'm a door mat, I just pick my battles carefully and let the rest roll off my shoulders. Confrontation makes me uncomfortable. I do not return things to stores. I regret them or re-gift them.

Last night at dinner Sam, one of my lovely dining companions, asked for the server's recommendation as to what to order. I don't think I'd ever do that - would part of me worry that they'd try to get me to order the most expensive entree? Or the one no one else was ordering and they had lots of? No, probably not...but I like to be unnoticed except when I chose to make myself noticed. Hell, I didn't want people staring at me when I got married so I refused to walk down any "aisle"...is this low self-esteem? Probably. But I also think it's about control. The same reason I don't downhill ski or bungee jump - I want to be in control of things whether its racing down an icy hill at top speeds or not having people pay attention to me when I'm feeling vulnerable.

So you won't be seeing me on reality tv or asking a waitress to reheat my burger (at McDonalds I might ask my hustband to take it back)