Monday, June 18, 2007

50 Artsy Things in One Year

Since I like to copy Art Slade's actions I joined this facebook group for Canada Council for the Arts - where Cdns are challenged to participate in 50 artistic activities this year. Okay, let's be honest, I can't do it alone so I'm seeing what we as a family can come up with.

So far:
1. Went to that crazy tap-dancing play with the kids
2. Saw Corinne Bailey Rae & John Legend in concert
3. Saw Lemony Snicket perform at the Symphony
4. Wrote limericks with my sister-in-law at a wedding
5. Liam recently went to the McMichael gallery in Kleinburg
6. We went to the Marvel exhibit at the Science Centre
7. Liam & Duncan post photography on their flickr sites
8. Liam is participating next week in a lip-sync contest (does that count?)
9. I wrote some book reviews on
10. David took pretty pictures of mountains in Jasper
11. My co-workers & I did our best to interpret the bizarre paintings at the inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake
12. Janet & I photographed a lone hot-dog.
13. I made my family's photos into colouring book pages for David's 40th birthday.

Okay so there must be more....I'll think about it. Poetry? Pottery? Art? Home-made cards? Even Paris Hilton made her dad a home(prison)-made card for father's day! Yikes.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What makes us cringe...

After an entertaining conversation with some co-workers I've changed the name of my blog!

We were talking about our book pet peeves such as unrealistic dialogue: "Mom, can I invite my best friend Susan Jones for a sleep-over?" as well as words that just shouldn't be used. Especially "bum" in an erotica story. That totally cracks me up and laughing is not what I'm looking for if I'm reading erotica.

Someone I know really dislikes the new trend in children's books where the narrator talks to the reader too much (I thought this worked in Despereaux, but then was totally overdone by others). My brother is irritated when he's watching a movie & the title of the movie comes up in a line of dialogue. Funny what makes us cringe. See I just tried to do it there with the title of the blog...good thing he'll never read this!