Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So many books, so little time

I have the worst habit of buying books to read when I already have stacks and stacks and stacks at home waiting to be read. The problem is that the books I already own aren't necessarily the ones I feel like reading when I'm ready to start a new book - they're just the ones I felt like buying when I bought them! Basically I know that I'll read a book eventually & I don't want to forget about it or have it (yikes)go out of print so I buy it. Or put it on my list and buy it eventually (often when it's in paperback). I read book reviews pretty much daily so I'm constantly finding out about new books that interest me. I think my wishlist at must be worth thousands of dollars (they used to list a $total$ which I liked...)

So today I rec'd a package in the mail - books I've ordered and HAD to have. When will I read them? Who knows? Will they show up in the bargain books at Indigo for $4.99 before I've even cracked the spine? Perhaps. But its about the integrity of my shelves (we used to use that phrase at Indigo - the integrity of the section)...certain books need to be represented whether or not I'm going to read them in the near future.

So I end up with piles of books. When I'm done a book (I finish one every couple of days on average) I love that feeling of "What's next?"...then I usually walk around my apartment & think about what I'm in the mood for: petticoats?post-apocolypse? modern teens? fantasy? non-fiction? Then I grab 4 or so and start reading first lines. Whenever the urge to carry on past that first sentence grabs me, my book is chosen. So I never know what I'm going to want to read when.

I do, however, notice in myself a certain type of book that I prefer: books about people who are struggling against something - either oppression, being different, whatever. The Holocaust, Slavery, being a conjoined twin - these types of books - fiction or non-fiction, where I can put myself in their shoes (or lack of) and say "how would I survive this situation?" and often I realize that I would be useless in the same situation - I said if I were Susanna Moodie or Catherine Parr Traill I'd have curled up in a snow bank to die- so its all the more fascinating reading how others find strength & carry on. Boy, I'm rambling.

Right now I'm in the throes (spelling?) of sales conference reading - trying to read as many books as I can from our upcoming Winter list so that I can present them to the sales reps and ultimately to my customers. I really don't like selling books I haven't read. Or I need someone who's opinion I trust to read them. Ick to some books that just aren't my style - but I do what I can and therefore end up reading pretty silly looking stuff on the subway. Right now I'm reading a great book called "The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy" but once again I'm sure people who see me reading it think I'm a little simple. The cover is pretty child like. But then again so am I in some ways!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Pet Peeves for Pocampo

1. People who clip their nails on the subway.

2. The non-use of directional signals when driving.

3. B.O. - if you're taking the TTC, deodorant is a must.

4. People who stop at the top or bottom of escalators to look around & decide where they'll go next - totally oblivious to the crowd of people crashing into them from behind.

5. People in malls who just STOP. With no warning, no veering off carefully to the side.

6. People who use their cellphones while in line, or at a table in a restaurant (Mr Most!), or while being served by cashiers, etc. How rude!

7. Litterers.

8. Elevator starers and farters.

9. Anyone who's favourite book is The DaVinci Code (sorry if that's mean).

10. When someone's favourite book is obviously something they read in high school, which always makes me think they haven't read a book since.