Monday, July 2, 2007

Pet Peeves for Pocampo

1. People who clip their nails on the subway.

2. The non-use of directional signals when driving.

3. B.O. - if you're taking the TTC, deodorant is a must.

4. People who stop at the top or bottom of escalators to look around & decide where they'll go next - totally oblivious to the crowd of people crashing into them from behind.

5. People in malls who just STOP. With no warning, no veering off carefully to the side.

6. People who use their cellphones while in line, or at a table in a restaurant (Mr Most!), or while being served by cashiers, etc. How rude!

7. Litterers.

8. Elevator starers and farters.

9. Anyone who's favourite book is The DaVinci Code (sorry if that's mean).

10. When someone's favourite book is obviously something they read in high school, which always makes me think they haven't read a book since.

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