Thursday, January 24, 2008

What I've Missed by Being a Snob...

How could I have known?

I consider myself a fairly educated reader and try to avoid trash. That isn't to say that I don't delve into drugstore type books now and again. I will admit (gulp) that in the past I have read Nora Roberts, Maeve Binchy, Robert Ludlum and Dan Brown among others. But something was keeping me away from Chick Lit. Maybe it was because I work selling children's books and that tends to be what I read. And when I do read a "grown up" book I go for literary fiction - award winners, Canadian authors, etc. While working in the bookstore I mostly read adult books that had teen-crossover potential so I tended to stay away from books that were geared towards sexually active women! Okay, so here's what my years of staying away have done - they've deprived me until now of the joys of the Shopaholic series!

Why didn't anyone tell me? I'm listening to the first book on audio CD in the car & I LOVE IT! It is absolutely hilarious. Mind you it is making me simultaneously want to shop and want to cut up all my credit cards!

I did listen to "Good In Bed" on cd as well, which qualifies as Chick Lit. I did enjoy it but not to this extent.

So to all of you Shopaholic fans, I am sorry. You were right. Actually I never said they weren't good books or disuaded anyone from buying them, I just didn't get on the bandwagon myself until this week. And now I'm hooked.


suzy in sacramento said...

I loved the first one, of the Shopoholics, but it got tired fast after that. However, Can You Keep a Secret is hysterically funny and I've read that about 10 times without getting tired of it, so try that next.

When she did the event at our store last year I got to meet her and ask her about her fantastic outfit (custom-made leather boots, purple dress, stunning square turquoise ring) and getting stuck in an elevator with Sandra Bullock (I almost said Boynton, that's how much time I spend in kids) .

I HEART HEART HEART her. I am glad you finally came around.

Lizamo said...

I did stop after book #1 and recently listened to "Remember Me" on was a fairly lame story but the person who read the book (can't remember her name right now) did amazing accents, so I loved it and can still hear some of them in my head.I'll do Can You Keep a Secret next!