Saturday, March 1, 2008

Townhouse Hunting

I admit, I did exactly what I warned my kids not to do. Last week we went to see a beautiful townhouse that is for sale in our neighbourhood. Being new to house hunting I warned the kids in advance to not make comments about the decor and to focus their attention on things that would remain when the current owners moved out - the size of rooms, the fixtures, the closet space, etc.

I was pretty impressed by the window treatments, oh and they had this great bench in the basement. And what a flair for decorating! Faucets? I forgot to look. Appliances? No idea but I do remember their fridge magnet!

So today David & I went to see another place - this time I kept myself in line and looked first at floors, space, closets, faucets, even pipes (even though the only thing that would worry me about pipes would have been rust or leaks). And I loved this place too. Someone else was making an offer tonight so my heart is broken.

But I'm not ready just yet to take the plunge & buy a place. I need more time to save and more time to sort out what we can & can't afford. So I'm thinking maybe I should stop looking for a bit. It's like taking me to a purse store making me fall in love & then dragging me out bagless. Or worse - letting me play with puppies then not letting me take one home.
In the meantime I'm doing a big purge of stuff we've got cluttering up our place. It's hard to get rid of books but some are going. Clothes we never wear are on their way out. Goodbye to plastic bottles, old tupperware containers and mismatched socks. Why do I hang onto this stuff? I hope that when we finally do move we'll only have stuff we actually use. (Ha! like that'll ever happen)

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