Friday, January 11, 2008

Anna Karenina and Scrabble

I've been listening to the audio book (unabridged) of Anna Karenina on my computer at night while I obsessively play Bejeweled. I was doing alright for a while, even after having a brief confusion between Vronsky and Ablonsky's names. But then suddenly we were in the country or something with Levin and I was confused. So I rewound (which I hate doing) and will relisten (ugh) to that part again. I think I'm a fairly smart person and can follow complicated plots but here's what I think happened to confuse me: Scrabulous. Okay I am obsessed with this Facebook application. Totally obsessed. So obsessed that I sometimes calculate word scores while lying in bed thinking of possible words to play. I know how pathetic that sounds.

I had played a bit (poorly) before Xmas but it was in London at Christmas time when we played an actual game of Scrabble that suddenly I couldn't get enough. So now we play Scrabble at home, I played tonight at my mom's and the entire family is fighting to use the computer to put in their latest word on Scrabulous. How did this happen? Is it improving our vocabularies? Hmmm..I know that xi is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet but that doesn't mean I'll ever use it that except when playing Scrabble or perhaps if I do a crossword puzzle.

It's like when we had Sim City on our old computer. I was so hooked - I'd stay up til the wee hours of the morning working on my city, raising taxes, laying pipes, etc. Then I'd think of it everywhere I went - pipes, road curves and industrial smokestacks in Toronto would seem so much more obvious to me. I'd drive through Scarborough with Dave & make comments about "Low Density Commercial", etc. It was insane. Same thing when I played too much Tetris. Or Solitaire or handheld Boggle (where oh where is that game?). I clearly have an addictive personality. Why don't I get addicted to doing my dishes? Or getting up early for work? I wouldn't be at all surprised to come home one day from work & have my family in my living room waiting to have an intervention.

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suzy in sacramento said...

i'll see your obsession and raise you a rabid fanatacism.

i heart scrabble. i play in bars, with friends. and online. and, currently, with a boy i like. i'm trying to impress him with my mad word skills, but secretly i think guys are usually impressed with... other skills.