Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Final Random Thoughts of My 30s....

So many thoughts race through my brain during the day & at night when I'm falling asleep ...I should have one of those Agent Cooper voice-recorders at my side or at least a pen and paper but I'm not that organized . Anyway I'm remembering a few things at the moment so here goes:

1. I really admire Terri Irwin. I think she is well-spoken, smart and she seems like a kind person. I know it was a tragedy to lose her husband, Steve the Crocodile Hunter dude but why oh why do her poor kids always have to dress in safari clothes? Sure, they're from Bindi's clothing line and the money goes to the Crocodile foundation or whatever but it drives me crazy that poor Bob is always dressed the same way. I've seen Bindi once or twice in slightly different clothes but generally she, Bob (Terri tends to call him Robert now that Steve is dead. If my husband called our kid Bob I'd hate that & would call him Robert asap even if I was going against what my poor dead husband wanted)...okay where was I? Yeah, the clothes. Terri wears them too. I think maybe with so much work on Terri's shoulders - raising the kids, hunting crocs and all that its easier for her if the kids wear a mix and match wardrobe that can all go in the same load of laundry. She's simply a practical mom raising her children to not be brand-conscious....and I'm picking on her. I'm mean!

And Bindi, step away from that crimping iron.

Okay, that was mean, but I'm done.

2. Mr Rochester. How's this for a complete change of topic? I recently listened to an abridged audio book of Jane Eyre. I distinctly remember sitting on the roof of my apartment on Queen West, during my days as an English undergrad at U of T, reading Jane Eyre and thinking it was awesome. I do not, however, remember thinking Mr Rochester was a manipulative, creepy, misogynistic control-freak. And yet, that's what I found him to be this time around. When Jane says "Reader, I married him" I yelled in my car "No! Jane! No! Run away!!" ...she didn't listen.

I mentioned this to some of the lovely ladies at my bookclub and one of them said she never liked Mr Rochester, even as a younger person (I was convinced age and two marriages had made me wiser or maybe just bitter). She (Barbara, the wise one) also didn't like - GASP - Wuthering Heights! So now I'm afraid...I've been enjoying listening to classics in my car on CD - but I can't do Wuthering Heights - what if Heathcliff is no longer steamy and sultry and alluring? What if it all seems annoying? I'd have to give up the Kate Bush song too & I'm just not going to do that. So I'll avoid any re-reading of Wuthering Heights.

After audio I still do love Mr Darcy, never fear.

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