Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Car (aka Quest, aka Baby)

Dear Car,
I'm sorry that I was following too closely behind that brown Saab on October 13th. The rain should have been a warning to me to stay back a bit but I made an error in judgement and you (and my insurance company) paid the price. I was distressed that I smashed in your front end, your front light and your special Kingscross Hyundai license plate holder. 

It was very exciting to be reunited with you yesterday after almost two weeks apart. I admit I was tempted to hug your shiny black hood in the body shop parking lot. Forgive me for restraining myself. I do have something to admit, however: I kind of liked the rental car. Just a little bit. 

At first I found the rental uncomfortable. It had nowhere near the space for my gigantic size 10 feet. I had to be so careful about keeping it clean that I felt awkward putting a Diet Coke in the drink holder and felt weird chewing gum. I found that the first week I couldn't get used to the clock being in the wrong place and the speedometer being on the wrong side - oh and the trunk closed on my head and gave me a bruise. You know what helped eased the trauma of our separation? The CD player showed me the name of the song that was playing! I know! Isn't that awesome?! It was especially helpful as I was playing a CD of mixed songs from my itunes playlist and had basically no idea what they were. And I did like the way the doors locked when I put it into D for drive.

Anyway it took me about a week to get used to the Toyota Corolla from the rental place and now I am finding it a bit of an adjustment getting used to you again - you're bigger and  you smell like air freshener (ick) and someone at the body shop found a sock and a toothbrush in the car and put them in the place where I would normally put my Diet Coke. This has been very traumatic for both of us. I promise to NEVER ever crash you again. Ever. 

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