Thursday, July 22, 2010

Must read. So bye bye car, hello TTC

As I have mentioned in the past, I LOVE MY CAR. I love driving. I've only been driving since 2006 so perhaps if I had started way back in the 80s when I was a teenager I would be sick of it by now. But no. I love it. However....

I have to sell my books and to sell some of them (not all of them) I need to read them. Buyers want to know what kind of "content" there is -i.e. is there sex, smoking, drugs. Does the dog die at the end? What is it comparable to? I need to know what I'm selling.

The problem is, I'm not finding much time to read these days - I drive to and from work, talk to friends at lunch, have stuff to do at home (laundry, weeding, raising dudes, ironing, watching The Bachelorette) and fall asleep pretty quickly at bedtime. When oh when am I supposed to gain my valuable product knowledge? So I'm making a serious personal sacrifice.

For the next two weeks, starting Monday, I'm going to try to take the subway to work. That way I'll get an extra hour or so of reading time everyday (more if there are delays! Hooray! And we all know there will be). I'm not sure WHEN I am going to have my sales appointments but 2 weeks of reading plus a bit more on my vacation will surely prepare me. Let's hope I can stand 2 weeks of delays, B.O., etc.

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