Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why aren't you working? I am!

I am lazy and take my car to work most mornings when I could easily walk to Woodbine and take the subway. One of the main reasons I don't take the ttc to work is that people irritate me in the morning (and at noon and on the way home) and the trains are full and unpredictable and I would rather be sitting in my air-conditioned car listening to the radio or a CD of my choosing.

Driving to work last Thursday I was struck by how many people seemed to be out on (the) Danforth walking around wearing shorts. My first thought was - "hey losers, get a job" but then I decided to force myself to be kind and think of why these people weren't in semi-dressed up work clothes going to work all bleary eyed before 8:30 am.

So this is what I came up with:
-they are *(@$&(* bloggers who think that what they do is work
-they are part-time workers who don't start til the afternoon or later in the morning or til midnight
-they are doctors currently on their day off
-they are professional dog walkers on their way to pick up some pooches
-they are kept men/women whose sugar-daddies/mommas have sent them for coffee
-they are unemployed people desperate for work on their way to buy more printer ink to print more resumes
-they are hard-working people currently on vacation
-they are teachers/professors who get summers off
-they are ill people currently on medical leave (get well soon!)

So I am trying to have an open mind and not run them over with my car.

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librarygal said...

LMAO, it feels like I'm the only one working sometimes too.:)