Saturday, December 27, 2008

Under Pressure

You know those dreams where you show up at school naked? Or where you have a test but you haven't gone to any of the classes or read the books? Why am I having those lately? Mind you in my naked dreams I'm going to work - not at my current job but I'm usually starting back at the bank or at the bookstore after years of being away - I am taught how to use the computer systems, how to swipe in for payroll purposes, etc. And usually I've forgotten my pants. Or I'm wearing something inappropriate - like a floral shirt.

I am feeling some pressure lately in regards to reading - I keep agreeing to read books that are recommended to me. I often have these books at home (being an obsessive book buyer) so access isn't an issue - time is! I read so much for work - books that I have to sell in upcoming weeks plus manuscripts that we are considering acquiring. Plus I feel the need to read teen fiction put out by rival publishers so I know what else is in the market and what kids/teens are into. Reading all those books takes time away from my pleasure reading and definitely from my family/friend obligation reading!

I have 8 more days off and way too much to read before I have to go back to work - two manuscripts that are saved on my laptop, the Birth House by Amy McKay, Slam by Nick Hornby (for bookclub), Towelhead (because I promised my sister ages ago that I would read it), Too Close to the Falls (so I don't feel so left out when my mom and sister talk about it in front of me) more. I can put off the 3-4 fantasy novels that the cottage cousins are expecting me to read because I won't see them til the long weekend in May. And I can delay book 3 of the fantasy series I'm reading because I find reading too many books by the same author in a row doesn't work for me. So I'll mix it up a bit and squeeze some obligation reading in before starting book 3! And finally I have Dreams of My Father - the only book I actually rec'd for Xmas this year (thanks Liam) which I want to read but doubt I'll get to before the inauguration!

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