Sunday, December 14, 2008

Half a Christmas Tree

Our living/dining rooms are smaller at the new house so we've only put up 1/2 the Christmas tree. You can't actually tell because we've pushed it up against the dining room wall. It was David's idea and I think he's going to be one of those annoying guys like you see in movies - he's going to ask everyone that walks in "notice anything about our tree?". Of course no one will notice.

We've had a to adjust a bit by not using all of our decorations and it already seems kind of full under the tree where I've been putting gifts for the nieces and nephew, etc already. There will be significant overflow by the 25th, that's for sure.

We're hosting 19 for dinner on the 25th - I have the Christmas playlist made on my ipod, dinner planned, a tablecloth purchased (do I need to iron it?), napkins taken care of. I will have to plan a trip to the beer/liquor store before the last minute because I can't stand lines....Okay time for me to go make myself an actual list so that I don't forget anything.

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