Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why Clive Owen seems even more attractive than before....

Gotta love Clive Owen & Pierce Brosnan. Both are married to non-Hollywood type women. Both of their wives are successful and attractive & I'm sure they're probably lovely mothers. But I'm happy because they aren't super skinny model types.

I feel the same way about Cate Blanchett's husband. He is not Hollywood-handsome yet she seems happy and in love - YEAH! Such a relief from those Hollywood types who are obsessed with looks and jump from relationship to relationship. I know relationships don't always work out - hey, I've been married twice, but some people in Hollywood seem to change their partners more often than I change the sheets on my bed. If you can't act like you're in love with your co-star in a movie, and you constantly fall in love with them, maybe acting isn't for you!

Speaking of Hollywood love - I've figured out what the kiss of death to any Hollywood relationship is! I originally thought it was the blessing of my friend Kim. If she said a relationship was "rock solid" they usually broke up within a week. It got so bad that she was forbidden to discuss certain Hollywood couples at all lest she inadvertantly give them her seal of approval (SJP & MB are one couple she CANNOT talk about). We even tried a test to see if she purposely said a couple were a sure thing would they break up - we tried it on Melanie & Antonio and on Harry Hamlin & Lisa Rinna -but alas it only seems to work when its unintentional.

Well it turns out the kiss of death isn't Kim's stamp of approval after all! All any couple has to do is tell the media that they are "soulmates". That's it. So watch out Tori & Dean - I know you've said it. As have many others who now avoid each other at awards ceremonies!

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