Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Overrated or Not?

I'm one of those people who resists the popular, the trendy, the often overrated shows, movies, books because ...okay because I'm a snob. I don't want to be seen as a mindless sheep who can't make an independent decision & justs does what everyone else is doing. So I refused for years to see Titanic and held off reading The DaVinci Code. Was I wrong? Did I miss out on some super amazing thing? No, but honestly I am glad that I have seen the movie Titanic and that I did read The DaVinci Code because they are a huge part of our world - pop culture wise & it is very important for me that in say 10 or 20 years I can still kick butt at Trivial Pursuit. So I need this knowledge!

Ok, Overrated or not?

Titanic - tremendous let down. What on earth was Victor Newman doing there? And that whole Billy Zane plot? Useless! I found on my 12" tv screen it was like watching an episode of Theordore the Tugboat. And the music? So manipulative! I only felt sad when music was playing! When it stopped I was strangely indifferent. Let's not discuss the ending when Jack was dead & Celine was singing. Don't go there.

The Rolling Stones - don't shoot me but they're totally overrated. And gross.

Grey's Anatomy - here's a show I thought I would hate & I don't! Strange because I find the main character irritating - yet she's more real than most tv characters so I'll forgive them. So not overrated in my opinion.

Jennifer Aniston - why is she still famous? Friends is over - she was great as Rachel but she is clearly a one note actress. OMG, can we get her off the cover of magazines please? I don't care.

The Dave Matthews Band, Jeff Buckley, other musicians I can't think of - I just don't get it. Some people act like "whoa" I've found my messiah - me, not so much.

I'm rambling. I felt the need to post a new entry. It's a rambler, folks.

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