Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My obsession

Every night before bed I like to play Nine Hole on my Nintendo DS. It is one game on "Touchmaster 3" - it is the only game I play. In the past I've been obsessed by Dice King on Touchmaster 2 and by something on Touchmaster 1 that I've forgotten for now.

I crawl into bed most nights with the intention to read. Sometimes I actually do, mostly I do not. Tonight I found myself negotiating with myself like the opening scene in "Sense and Sensbility" - I'll read for half an hour, no I'll read for 15 minutes then play my game and then perhaps I'll read some more. Ten minutes ought to be enough. Hmmm if I read on the TTC tomorrow I can go staight to my game and that's that.

I'm Liza and I'm addicted to Nine Hole.

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