Monday, May 3, 2010

Rock of Ages - a musical for people who like Two & A Half Men, perhaps

Those who know me know I'm not a snob and I'm not a prude. In fact, I'm very often accused of saying "inappropriate" things at work. So I was surprised at my reaction to the musical Rock of Ages, which I saw with my friend "S" on Saturday night.

What I Liked:
- the narrator was generally like-able and reminded me of people I went to high school with.
- the songs were almost all familiar
- the llama's appearance at the end made me laugh
- I appreciated the Canadian touches
- Franz-y

What I Didn't Like
- too many crotch shots
- if your job as a waitress doesn't work out, be a stripper! Really? Really?
- low-brow humour geared towards the lowest common denominator - so sex jokes, bathroom humour, etc
-plot clearly contrived to link together the songs they had rights to.

Overall it was fun but I really wish it had only cost me $40 instead of $100. I've seen lots of musicals in my life and sure, some are better than others (Drowsy Chaperone YES, Cats NO) - part of the experience is going, seeing the crowd, cramming into the teeny tiny seats, waiting in the endless lines for the ladies' room so no regrets.

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