Monday, April 5, 2010


Seriously, how old is that woman? I just saw her on Dancing With the Stars wearing an outfit suited to a 4 year old, and sporting the same old I Dream of Jeannie hairdo she's had for 40 years! Duncan asked me who she was and what she's been on in the past. My only answer "The Love Boat". Perhaps I should investigate...

Hmmmm, not impressed by her resume. She seems to be the latina Paris Hilton of an earlier generation - famous for being famous. On lots of variety and talk shows. I remember her singing and playing guitar but mostly just shaking it and saying "cuchi cuchi." Whatever.

There seems to have been some disagreement about her birth year -some say 1941, others 1951. I always felt that Ginger Spice was older than she said she was too - either the heavy make-up makes some people look old (and the tanning) or I'm not a great judge of age (very possible).

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