Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bad! Bad Driving Man! Bad!

Okay, picture this scenario: There I am driving home in my sporty black car, listening to tales of Mormon strife in the 1800s on my CD player. As I drive north on Bayview past Sunnybrook I notice a black BMW SUV kind of shifting a bit closer to my lane just ahead of me, to my right. So I keep my eye on this gas-guzzler and proceed cautiously. Then I pass the SUV, not because I've sped up, but because it has slowed down. As I pass I glance to my right, the guy at the wheel has his hands on the wheel with his blackberry in his hands, texting madly - his eyes totally on his blackberry. I move on, frustrated, yet keep my eye on him, as he falls into traffic behind me, still in the lane to my right.

Eventually we end up side by side again. I notice again that he's slowing down because he is texting and is not looking at the road at all! So I slow down a bit (first making sure no one is right behind me) and honk frantically trying to catch the jerk's attention. Does he react in any way to the sudden blast of honking? Nope. Either his music was up to high or he just chose to ignore it. Didn't check his rear view, didn't look sideways at me, nothing (unless I missed it when I looked forward) I had no choice but to drive on. And you know if he crashes into someone he's likely to come out okay in his monster-mobile.

AWKL 223 - that's his license plate in case anyone knows the jerk.

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